In 2014 I became Chairman of a local sports club, one of my first tasks was leading a change in the Social Media offering for the club and bringing things in to the 21st Century. I revamped the clubs website into a fully functioning and customizable offering that was up to date and accessible, this was linked with a Facebook page and YouTube account giving the club a fully integrated presence that really drove engagement forward.

Intrigued by this process I created a blog for myself, using a simple platform and started learning more about the process and how it all worked. I moved on to a self-hosted site developed in WordPress, I also bought an ‘off the shelf’ e-commerce site and set about learning that process too. Those websites have gone through a number of changes, new sites have been added, old ones have been closed, all the while learning more about web design and hosting.

Still working in a full time job I have often been looking at how to set up a side-line business and how I could make my website work for me and generate income. When it dawned on me that over the last 4 years I have developed a wealth of skills and knowledge enabling me to set up and run websites, I have created sites from scratch, revamped existing ones and set up a number of Social Media groups across different platforms. This could actually be a marketable set of skills, I could help people to create a web presence for their own small business and help them to market their services. The idea grew in my mind and plans were scribbled, research was undertaken and ideas were discussed, KT Media is starting to take shape…


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