I have been creating and running websites since 2014. The first site I worked on was for a Sports club I was involved with. I revamped the clubs website into a fully functioning and customizable offering that was up to date and accessible, this was linked with a Facebook page and YouTube account giving the club a fully integrated presence that really drove engagement forward.

Intrigued by this process I created a blog for myself, using a simple platform (Blogger) and started learning more about the process and how it all worked. I moved on to a self-hosted site developed in WordPress, I also bought an ‘off the shelf’ e-commerce site and set about learning that process too. Those websites have gone through a number of changes, new sites have been added, old ones have been closed but all the while learning more about web design and hosting.

Still working in a full time job I have often been looking at how to set up a side-gig and how I could make my website work for me and generate income. When it dawned on me that over the last 4 years I have developed a wealth of skills and knowledge enabling me to set up and run websites, I have created sites from scratch, revamped existing ones and set up a number of Social Media groups across different platforms.

Realising that this is a marketable set of skills and brainstorming some thoughts on paper the seedling idea for KT Media started to take shape. I could create a web and social media presence for small businesses and help them to market their services. In early 2019 I launched KT Media and will continue developing my skills and knowledge to enhance the services on offer.

Now let me help you, if your are looking for a website for your business please contact me.


  • Website Design
  • Site Hosting
  • Update and Refresh
  • Social Media
  • Bespoke Website Photography
  • Digital Marketing